Internal surfaces

We emphasize on floor safety as much as on the aesthetics of the floor materials treated.

Minimum of 36 PTV when wet must be achieved to ensure a low slip risk. It is now mandatory to have a minimum slip rating on foresee-ably wet surfaces. Your surface after our treatment will not only be slip resistant but also will keep its look and will be protected from wear and tear for years.

WearMax ceramic sealer.

Grip Doctors install the unique WearMax system on all internal surfaces.  

Wearmax provides:

No need for periodic coating and re-coating, sanding or waxing and polishing. 

Increased scratch resistance.

Increased slip resistant to above 40 PTV when wet (R11)

Resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.

Protection against wear and tear, abrasion and signs of use, (5- 10 years guarantee).

Low dirt resettlement (easy cleaning).

Longer lifespan.

Sustainable high-class appearance.


Stone Grip surface treatment.

Grip Doctors installation team apply anti-slip floor treatments to all hard surface in commercial kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms and even bathtubs and shower trays.

Our anti-slip solutions surpass the slip resistant PTV values required by law even when wet without changing the appearance of the floor.

We provide Pendulum Slip Test reports  with a Certificate of Conformity to proof your due diligence.

You cannot be held liable…

…for a slip and fall injury if your company has certified evidence that your floor meets the HSA requirements of slip resistance.

Safety is not
about sins

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