External surfaces

We provide anti-slip surface coating and treatments for all external surfaces.

We make outdoor surfaces slip resistant from 40 to 70 PTV for shod pedestrian traffic ensuring that they are safe for pedestrian traffic, providing very low slip risk in wet conditions.

Outdoor decking

Grip Doctors specialise in making your existing external wooden deck anti-slip when wet.  We install slip resistant GRP deck inserts, surface coatings and sealers ensuring a long lasting, safe and aesthetic solution is provided.

All surfaces are Pendulum Slip Tested  and certified to EN and BS standards.

Footpaths and pavings

We can provide a cost effective surface anti-slip treatment to outdoor stone surface.

Our anti-slip solutions surpass the slip resistant PTV values required by law even when wet without changing the appearance of the material. The surface after treatment are guaranteed to be  compliant with the HSA and BCAR requirements of slip resistance and provide with a Certificate of Conformity to proof your due diligence.

You cannot be held liable…

…for a slip and fall injury if your company has certified evidence that your floor meets the HSA requirements of slip resistance.

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