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anti-slip surface for bare feet

Long lasting protection against slips and falls in Bathtubs & Showers. We make PVC, Enamel and Porcelain bathtubs and shower trays anti-slip and provide a certification of conformity with PTV values for bare feet traffic using the Pendulum Tester and slider #55.

Say goodbye to aesthetically unpleasant and unhygienic bath mats 

Grip Doctors specialise in making your bath or shower tray anti-slip when wet. Grip Doctors installation team apply anti-slip treatments, sealers, non slip coatings for porcelain and PVC bathtubs and shower trays.

Our anti-slip solutions surpass the slip resistant PTV values required by law even when wet without changing the appearance of the bath. We make your bath  compliant with the HSA and BCAR requirements of slip resistance and provide you with a Certificate of Conformity to proof your due diligence.

We are the only company in Ireland that can Pendulum  slip test a bathtub.

100’s of baths made non-slip

To whom it may concern:

We applied Gripdoctors anti-slip treatment in 2015 to treat our porcelain bathtubs at two hotels. 125 bathtubs in Hilton, 118 bathtubs in Hampton Inn.

This product is fantastic. It has been over two years since we completed the treatment, and it works just like day 1! We are extremely happy with this product, and always recommend it to anyone wanting to treat their bathtubs to increase slip resistance.


Joseph Asciutto
Maintenance manager , Hilton

You cannot be held liable…

…for a slip and fall injury if your company has certified evidence that your floor meets the HSA requirements of slip resistance.

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