We make existing floors
non-slip when wet

and guarantee they meet the HSA and BCAR requirement of slip resistance in wet and dry conditions.

Grip Doctors provide anti-slip solutions for existing floor eliminating the need and cost of replacing a slippery floor.
Our solutions are guaranteed to meet the requirements of slip resistance set by the HSA and the Irish Building Regulations of 36 PTV when wet and dry and can protect the surface from wear and tear.

...and any industry

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

40 – 45 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

Shopping centres
and transport terminals

WEARMAX  is the most advanced floor product on the market. Designed for the most demanding industries it provides extreme resistance to wear and tear keeping the floors appearance and the slip rating for 5 years to 10 years – guaranteed.


WEARMAX is a unique 3 component floor sealer with approx 120 millions of ceramic particles per m2 that protect the floor and provide slip resistance.  WEARMAX has the highest abrasion resistance and provides optimal long-term protection for floors.

Construction Wearmax Ceramic Coating

WearMax Professional is applied in two to four steps (depending on your substrate). The first step is a special Adhesion Primer that allows for bonding to non-porous and semi-porous surfaces. The second coat is the ceramic layer called Armor. The third coat contains the stain inhibitors and the UV inhibitors and provides for the gloss or mat level required.

The slip resistance after treatment (40 PTV -50 PTV when wet) will reduce the probability of slip to 1 to 1 million when wet from 1 to 20 for a typical not treated floor when wet. This is the best, most advanced  and long term  cost effective solution to slippery floor.


40 – 50 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

50 – 65 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

Aquatic centres
and swimming pools

Stone Grip achieves slip resistance of  up to 55 PTV when wet measured using slider TRL #55 for bare feet traffic and 65 PTV when wet with slider 4S #96 for shod traffic. Guaranteed to last up to 5 years. It is the best option for any swimming pool, spa and wet rooms for long lasting slip resistant surface.

The treatment is extremely resistant to salts and calcium, does not require special cleaning regime and is fast to apply. It is specifically designed for  tiles, exposed aggregate, slate, paves or any porous surface.



40- 65 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

40 – 70 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

Factories and

We offer surface treatments for  indoors or outdoors to make it anti-skid for machinery and man traffic. We provide hard wearing floor coatings that are  flexible, do not chip off like other floor paints when hit with a sharp object.

Perfect for machinery traffic, loading ramps, access routes, roof top walkways and more. Available in RAL colors including clear.

40-60 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

36 – 45 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

Hotels, restaurants
and public buildings

WEARMAX keeps the natural shine of the surface, protects it from scratches and wear and provide easy to clean and maintain surface that is slip resistant when wet. WEARMAX has slip resistant value exceeding the  requirements of 36 PTV when wet. Ideal where appearance and maintenance are at the most importance.

For tiled commercial kitchens, cold rooms, bathrooms and bathtubs we use our anti slip STONE GRIP floor treatment that does not change the surfaces appearance providing excellent long lasting slip resistance and best value for money. Fast application guarantees no disruption to your business and a minimum of 3 years anti-slip properties.


36-50 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

40 – 50 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

Pubs and

WEARMAX wood provides up to 10 years maintenance free surface with slip resistance  values of 40-50 PTV when wet. No need to sand or buff the floor to keep its look any more, with WEARMAX your wood will look like new for years without the costly maintenance and will be safe when wet and dry.



40-50 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

45 – 75 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV


We install GRP (fiberglass) step nosings, stair coatings and treatments. All solutions provided meet the HSA and Building regulations requirement of slip resistant when wet and dry.  

We also provide corduroy tactile strips according to the Building Standards 2010 requirement:  

Image result for building regulation stairs tactile

40-70 PTV

Slip Resistance after treatment when WET:

36-45 PTV

Minimum req: 36 PTV

and hospitals

Is it a wooden floor, vinyl, lino or tiles we have a product that makes the floor safe when wet and dry without the need of changing the surface. 

WEARMAX ceramic sealer is an anti-slip,  hygienic and maintenance free  three component floor sealer. Extremely durable with proven durability of over 10 years. It provides a very easy to clean, resistance to chemicals surface with excellent slip resistance values in wet conditions.

Slip resistance well above the HSA requirements of 36 PTV when wet.

WEARMAX protects the floor from wear and tear. Youy will not have to spend on  more maintenance.  No buffing, stripping and waxing required. WEARMAX will keep your floor as new for years.   

We guarantee the surface to be slip resistance for minimum 5 years and check it with regular Pendulum slip testing.


40-50 PTV

You cannot be held liable…

…for a slip and fall injury if your company has certified evidence that your floor meets the HSA requirements of slip resistance.

All Slip accidents
are preventable

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slippery floor problem

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