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At GripDoctors Limited we specialize in Floor Safety.

We Pendulum Slip Test Floors and external surfaces in situ, and also slip test floor samples in laboratory to BS 7976 / EN 13036.

Grip Doctors also install anti-slip solutions for existing and new laid flooring to make them compliant with BCAR, H&S or insurance requirements without changing the aesthetics of the surface. We guarantee that the floor after our treatment will keeps its look and achieve the required 36PTV in water wet conditions without the need of replacing the surface. Be proactive – take care of accidents before they happen.


Grip Doctors make internal and external surfaces Anti-Slip.

We work with any floor material: stone, tiles, wood, vinyl, pvc, and other.  We also work with bathtubs and shower trays.

Our anti-slip solutions surpass the required by law  slip resistant values  (measured in PTV) and do not change the appearance of the floor.

We make  floors compliant with the HSA and BCAR requirements of slip resistance and can provide you with a Certificate of Conformity for insurance, H&S or any other requirement.


Grip Doctors provide comprehensive slip test reports with PTV, R and Rz values of floor materials tested according to EN 13036 and BS 7976 standards.

We provide onsite risk assessment of Pedestrian Slip Potential using the Pendulum Slip Resistance Tester. We measure the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of floor materials and its impact on pedestrian slip risk.

We  test any floor materials in house and in-situ.  

Our slip test reports are used extensively by: Health & Safety Consultants, Architects, Personal Injury Solicitors, Floor manufacturers, Material Testing Laboratories, Motorway Agencies, Local Councils, Expert Witnesses, Facility Management Companies and any business with a duty of care to ensure proper Risk Management. 


You cannot be held liable…

…for a slip and fall injury if your company has certified evidence that your floor meets the HSA requirements of slip resistance.

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